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دوشنبه, 20 مرداد 1393 13:48

black agate necklace گردنبند عقيق سياه

A mystifying and eye catching pendant that is a must have! This Carolyn Pollack

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جمعه, 17 مرداد 1393 04:24

Peridot Necklace گردنبند پريدوت

Stunning peridot will add a sprinkling of spring to any look. This elegant piece

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دوشنبه, 06 مرداد 1393 05:18

Ammolite necklace گردنبند آموليت شفق قطبي

As you now more people use Ammolite for jewerly colorful. but ammolite is type of

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پنج شنبه, 26 تیر 1393 07:15

Pearl Necklace گردنبد مرواريد

Known as 'The Queen of Pearls', this exquisite 18-inch Akoya pearl strand necklace makes the

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یکشنبه, 22 تیر 1393 04:43

Amethyst Necklace گردنبند آميتيست

Shifting intensities of glossy purple grace this necklace with a sheen of royal elegance. Spherical

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