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جمعه, 27 شهریور 1394 06:05

Shell Beige Marble

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Shell Beige Marble:

Shell beige marble with beige special color and brown thickness veins strait and high quality of process is one of great marble. usually can use with golden black marble or golden galaxy marble and pietra grey for interior design. we offer block , slabs and tile with export quality and one color type. there are light beige and dark beige color range shell beige marble.

پنج شنبه, 26 شهریور 1394 11:08

golden galaxy marble

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golden galaxy marble

New Golden galaxy marble can make you happy  with new golden veins texture and nice white thickness veins. golden galaxy is name of wonderful marble with golden and white veins make more different texture. golden galaxy marble or golden black marble with fossil or with our fossil sorts will have strong market in future.

چهارشنبه, 18 شهریور 1394 18:54

new golden black marble portoro

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new golden black marble portoro :

As you know Portor texture is more more antic textures marble and more different. I would like introduce you our new Portoro new manufacture with standard size and export quality 2 cm thickness. this texture more different of golden black marble. portoro have more golden black veins and little white veins.

یکشنبه, 15 شهریور 1394 18:34

Marshal golden black marble

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Marshal golden black marble:

Marshal golden black marble new type of golden galaxy marble with more different texture and colors. marshal with around textures or cubic textures is more fantastic.marshal wall design is more than golden black wall design. we can supply slabs , tiles and blocks of marshal golden black marble with all type of sorts and export quality.

سه شنبه, 08 ارديبهشت 1394 10:50

new red marble

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New Iranian Red Marble

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